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Meet That Crazy 80ís  entertainment line up


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Devo has a show like no other, they perform "Whip it" with a crazy dance routine that you'll never forget!




KISS's Gene Simons


Gene Simons of KISS puts on an explosive show. With pyrotechs & his demon band he'll make you wanna "Rock-n-Roll all night!"




Twisted Sisters


Dee Snider of Twisted Sister will make you wanna Rock! Watch as he toss's around Eugene as he screams "Were not gonna take it", anymore!!





ZZ Top


You're going to love the double act by these not-so related twins put on for you!





Billy Idol


In the midnight hour, you'll scream more, more, more, as Billy Idol ( AKA: William Broad) performs his Rebel Yell to one of the long arms of the law!




  Vanilla Ice


Watch as Vanilla Ice (AKA= Rob Van Winkle) puts on a real, all original break-dance show, you'll be cool as "Ice, Ice baby"!



Flock of Seagulls


You will die with laughter as Mike Score, singer of  Flock of Seagulls is running on stage from being attacked by a flock of seagulls!




The Cure


We have your cure for scholastic programs as Robert Smith of The Cure spells it out to u, "Y-can't-I-B-U"!




Dead or Alive


You will get a whirl wind of laughter as Pete Burns of Dead or Alive is turned "Round, round like a record" baby, round , round, round, round?!!! I feel very dizzy!!!---



Milli Vanilli


Rob & Fab of Milli Vanilli are for real... real funny that is. Watch as the whole show goes astray and falls apart but "Girl you know it's true" when the song is radio perfect! These guys are for real!!