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That Crazy 80ís Game Show


"It is the one of a kind Game Show that revolves around the decade of the 80's!"



Game Show Outline


We have 10 pre-qualifying questions to see if your up to the challenge.

We get the top 2 contestants to move on to the Game Show.


Game Show goes as follows:


1. Trivia part     1 point each = First they have to answer the best of 10 questions each from 5 categories; "Music,    Television, Movies, Sports & Topic Events."


2. Music part     3 points each = Then they have three 3 point question with a 1 point bonus question. They will be asked to name a song collage, name what this 3 songs have in common and finish the line of the song.


3. Physical part  5 points each = And last and the funniest is the physical part. The winner at this time will choose either Charades or the Break-dance obstacle coarse.



And the winner usually wins a hotel package from the company participating at your event!